Christophe Alexandre Docquin

Christophe Alexandre Docquin

Client: Christophe Alexandre Docquin
Year: 2017
Location:  Marseille

Together with the designer Christophe Alexandre Docquin, we devised a communication campaign to launch his new collection of haute couture wedding dresses.

The objective of this collaboration was twofold: first, to highlight the collection of dresses with very dynamic and innovative video content in order to “dare” to communicate differently and second, to create a new, younger and digital brand identity.

This first shooting was a beautiful project to realize and organize: find a spot that is out of the ordinary, organize the shooting by looking for a team of 3 models, 2 make-up artists and 1 boat pilot, and shoot a video during the day.

We therefore carried out several scouts in order to find the perfect place to set up an advertising spot that looks good from the very first shot. We shot these images in the Marseille area by accosting the whole crew of the boat shooting.

In a second step, we organized the shooting of a second video for the brand’s social networks. The creator gave us carte blanche to make a video on the theme of marriage.

We went to shoot the video in the hinterland of the south of France, on a spot quite known by the climbers of the area: Les Dentelles de Montmirail. After having developed a script and a scenario we went there to shoot the video.

The idea we exploited was that of 2 friends who are celebrating a bachelor party and are late for the wedding day… so he has to run to his beloved. It was a project that we loved to shoot, the spot was great, and the feedback was very positive. A « Mountains Legacy » bachelor party.