A Camp4 Collective Campaign – The North Face, Faroe Island

A Camp4 Collective Campaign – The North Face, Faroe Island

Client: Merrel
Year: 2019
Location: Ile Faroe, Danemark
Director of Photography, Footage and Aerial video: Jordan Manoukian

“During the long winter months in the Faroe Islands, it is said that creatures roam in the mountains and around the lakes…” It is the testimony of Rannvá Joensen, a photographer native of the Faroe Islands, his photographic work is a warm breeze that blows on the cold and humid lands of the Faroe Islands. At the helm of this incredible shooting for a product launch of the Merrel brand is Tim Kemple, one of the founding members of the video production company Camp4collective. Within the production team of this project, we find a team of exceptional people, full of talents from all over the world to participate in this work. Jordan of the Mountains Legacy Team has been managing the entire video management (Camera and Drone).

During the 3 weeks of filming on the Faroe Islands, we had the time to meet the personalities who influenced the development of outdoor activities in the small community of these Danish Islands.  Meet Sverri Steinholm, a man of church, a resident of the Faroe Islands, but above all, a runner… discover the testimony made in the framework of the campaign Merrel – “The Running Pastor”

A timeless project that inspires the realization of both commercial and artistic works.

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